become the path

You cannot be righteous because righteousness is a “path” “a way of life”, and the only ONE who meets the qualifications of being the WAY is Christ.


All your righteousness is in Him.

Righteousness is s path and this path is pressing on every side, and narrow, but while on this path my prayers are always heard and most times they are answered.

On this path called righteousness my steps are ordered and I wont have to beg for anything, and the God who orders my steps has placed riches along the way.


When I became distracted and take my eyes of the Lord I wander off the path and trespass on the enemies territory. God sends grace to shield me from the full force of my consequences. None are righteous in Gods eyes we all are stumbling in our transgresses, our sins… trespassing in the wilderness of death.It is foolish to believe you are righteous, but it would be more accurate to think of yourself as one called to righteousness. When you heed the voice of the ONE calling you your steps become ordered your path becomes narrow and pressing. The righteous path is such a narrow path we often stumble off of this path into darkness, and you aswell as all those who call themselves “born again” often do.

None is righteous so it would be foolish to cast judgement of those who fall. The standard you call righteous is a stone you cast at those who stumble, but that stone becomes the ammunition the enemy uses to tear you down when you fall short.


In Christ I now have the ability to break the commitment to the darkness that pulls me off the path.

When Yeshua was giving the opportunity  to cast judgement at someone’s unrighteousness He instead showed grace, so than showing grace is what righteousness really looks like.

If we remember that what we think of as righteous is filthy we will forgive, and not judge…

in this we find ourselves on that narrow path again.

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