losing Dr. Myles Munroe


Dr. Myles Munroe was a Pastor, mentor, and leader to countless pastors, mentors, and leaders. His knowledge and understanding of the kingdom of God is surpassed by – well; his ability to make the kingdom plain to the masses was trumped by none that I am aware of.


Dr. Myles Munroe comes from humble beginnings, but his willingness to submit to the holy spirit and apply “Kingdom Principles” placed him before great men. I personally feel the lost of this great man as if he was a close family member. I grew as a man of God from digesting the wisdom he imparted in his books: “Power of Vision” “Kingdom Principles”, “Leadership”, “The Burden of Freedom”,”Understanding the Kingdom” just to name a few. I as a father had my daughters read “Understanding the Purpose and Power of a Women” and “Leadership”.

I dreamed of meeting this intellectual powerhouse one day…I guess I will just have to wait until i cross over to the other side to converse with the good doctor Munroe.

I refuse to allow myself to become sad for losing this spiritual giant, because his legacy will live on through me and the countless others who have gained such insight to the kingdom of God through his writings.

Dr. Myles Munroe

we will miss you

and because of your dedication to God

you have sharpened us all

3 thoughts on “losing Dr. Myles Munroe

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  2. SO well put, bro…My sentiments exactly. I, too dreamed of meeting Dr. Munroe in person. I only got as far as standing in awe of him one the year he last came to our church! His teaching will live on through me, also! – Tony Snipes

  3. I Love Pastor Monroe ‘s teaching. It has and still is,growing me Spiritually. I didn’t get to meet he and his wife while they were here in person, so I pray to meet the Children they left to carry out God ‘s plan.

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