Rodney D. Kirkwood ~ KING



Rodney D. Kirkwood


Rodney is one of the 12 Kings identifying the spirit infecting the relationships in families and inspiring the growth needed to start the reconciliation in our homes. His commitment to mentoring young men, leading in his local church, and spreading the gospel makes him a perfect vessel for God to use in this MOVEMENT to take back our families.


As men we run into obstacles that seem to throw us of center, and as a man of God, ordained Elder and author Rodney the “Living Sword” Kirkwood gives us a manuel to  Survive the Crash. In the “12 KINGS and Their Treasures, Transparent, Testimony, Truth” he labels his chapter: “Surviving The Crash” here is an excerpt :

 “So many obstacles we face in life; some were already in place before we arrived on the scene, while some we created through our own choices that were contrary to God’s word and will. Life is full of crashes where we tend to run out of our lane, bump into things by not looking where we are going, failing to stop or yield, driving too fast in the no-speeding zones, riding too close to other vehicles, and wrecking either parked or moving cars. However it is done, a crash is a crash. Yet there’s this one crash that happens in life that makes it a defining moment in time. Not just a crash, but THE crash! The one where you seem to lose all sense of direction, where it appears your life flashes before your very eyes. THE crash that leaves you emotionally helpless, because there seems to be no one there that can rescue you“.


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