Dave L. Wiseman ~ King

David L. Wiseman

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12 Kings and Their Treasures


David born in San Francisco, CA now residing in Atlanta, GA is passionate about relationships. He is dedicated to helping men conquer their insecurities and equipped the up and coming generations with the knowledge to thrive.

The name of Dave’s chapter is: “F.E.M.A. its a natural disaster” he revealed the tricks of the enemy and he gets real about our shortcomings as men.Dave says,”we will not hide from it we become stronger, respectful, more honest, & operate with the love of God evermore present in our lives and relationships.”

As a man, I see the tricks of the stowaway and how it affects someone that they pretend to love. Men can be a hijacker of stolen identity, they prey on that emotion that is insecure but hoping getting into the relationship that it will give them a sense of security. I’m sorry to say, a robber doesn’t secure anything, His job is to rob, steal, and strip you of your joy. Sounds like we know this invading spirit. . . . . ” – 12 Kings and Their Treasures – F.E.M.A.

by Dave Wiseman

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