I Cant Breathe

I Cant

B  R  E  A  T  H  E


suffocating under the weight of this choke hold

I went from pleading my case

to pleading for life

If only I kept my mouth shut

If only I kept my head down

If only I choose a different sidewalk to sell those cigarettes on

If only I said yes sir…no sir

If only I… I… I

was smaller

less intimidating

If only i wasn’t a

Black Man

maybe the EMS would have attempted to revive me

The officer would have listened to my plea’s

my screams


attempts to





I Cant

B  R  E  A  T  H  E


 – dedicated to a father of six –

Eric Garner

Eric Haylock will use

every breath to honor this gift called

l i f e

I will not forget your plea’s

~ I   W I L L   L I S T E N ~

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