oh those crazy Rothschilds!

Would you believe that reality is crazier than fantasy? I have been a truth seeker since I was a teenager (today is my 39th birthday) so I have found out a lot of things mainstream education or society would consider too far out to be truth.


Let me start out by stating I was born in Far Rockaway Queens, New York and went to a catholic school. When we moved to Norfolk, Virginia when I was 11 years old I soon was introduced to baptist preaching, and let me say if you are familiar with the way a catholic priest delivers sermons and then you have the privilege to sit front row to a baptist preacher – WOW its a whole new world.

It wasn’t the yelling and stomping kind of preacher either this preacher was articulate and his understanding of the scriptures and his ability to bring the word alive while making me realize the very real consequence of sin was life changing. I shortly was born again! When I became a believer of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I began to thirst for knowledge of Him, after all knowledge is light, so in my quest I read pamphlets given to me by my girlfriends father about the illuminati. This was in 1993 way before Tupac’s Killilluminati or the youtube illuminati videos. before the 9/11 videos and the David Chappelle conspiracy videos. I was introduced to this historical guy named Ignatius of loyola who started the society of Jesus a catholic secret society in which the Jesuit priest come and which the brotherhood of the Light or enlightened ones or the illuminati are formed. Why was this important to a teenager who just had gotten saved, because the catholics are the bad guys who corrupted the scripture and are evil in the eyes of protestants who came to America.


As I read I found out that the Jesuit Priest were like the secret agents for the Pope infiltrating protestant churches to desmentale with confusion and discord. Years later I run across a guy by the name of John Todd who recorded sermons in the mid 1970’s. John Todd said his family’s bloodline runs back all the way back to the witches who crossed the Atlantic with the puritans – thats right according to him the Mayflower was half witches and half puritans!


John Todd


He was initiated as the high priest in witchcraft and because of his very powerful family they were exempt from the draft. John Todd learned of all the powers of the dark kingdom and its influence on government and pastors.He was supposed to be appointed on the counsel on the council of foreign affairs…he said that every music mogul, business CEO, and government person of power are all either initiated into witchcraft  (Masons) or owned by the illuminati.


Illuminati believes that the Rothschilds are gods…yes the Rothschilds are the most holiest most powerful most high power in this earth…the Rothschilds are not viewed as human beings, but god in human form. John Todd and every wicked power on this earth is subordinate to the Rothschilds.


every WAR

every recession

every famine

every major conflict was manipulated by the


Media is currently instigating chaos and division…guess who is behind this division…the powerful tools of satan

oh those crazy Rothschilds!

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