so simple its profound

so simple its profound

~ a poem by last apostle ~


by now we know that you reap what you sow

you plant seeds because you hope it will grow

your words create your reality



so, if you put death in your verse

what you speak is a curse

your poems give birth to our fatality

you have a gift you should use it

but your music is out of tune

if when you commune

you don’t uplift all nationalities

in all actuality

hip hop inspires us to exist in certain doom

not resist or insist on what God has for me

we came to this country as cargo

and we have so far to go

look at the alarming statistics of Chicago’s black casualties


and we view these numbers so casually

to me thats frightening

you have become so



but the light that is inspiring what you are writing

isn’t right

its the same light that was pushed out of heaven like lightning

so we think whats up is down

when I pull you up you push me down

but if I put you down you say,”thats whats up”

we are all turned around

yeah this life isnt fair

but our Tears should IGNITE a revolution

but we have embraced the illusion

we think we can be reBORN and not face persecution

Yes you are a king!

but the king of KINGS wore thorns in His crown!

crown of thorns

Dr. King was assassinated

when he sought black economic reinstatement

i’m not making a case for reparations

although that would be retribution

after much consideration I have come to this conclusion

that we should seek a unified


when the elders speak we must listen

at the very least its our common belief



that will be the foundation of our solution

so simple its profound

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