another lost victim

deadly assault by the metal

body found on asphalt death sketched in chalk in the ghetto

last breaths gasp from the thug

as his blood gushes

I think drug pushes 

talk to the devil

their so confused and cold

they don’t know the jewels I hold

you cant merk me to clutch

I walk on a level


most aren’t worth to touch

my tim’s are dirty and scuffed

from standing in the gutta

for the brother that thinks that he cant

hes trying to clamp on to what little light shines from the lamp

on the street curbs


the rap music has so much garbage intertwined into each word

its so easy to find bondage each night

see life isnt supposed to be lived in this manner

strife gives me the grammar

for those kids that live in the slums

my lungs becomes the hammer

my windpipe makes the heat surge

i really don’t write

or memorize these lines

its just when i close my eyes

the Divine reveals to me each word…


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