because love

love (1)

because love

i love love
not just the idea of love either
i love what love is
like how faith and hope are in the eternal realm
the same place that love lives
i love the feeling that love gives
i love making love to my wife

how it creates life
little beings of love
i love kids

i love the fact that love forgives
when i do love wrong
and i can’t look love in the face
in my disgrace
i tell love i don’t belong
but love doesn’t care
love says “come here, i LOVE you”
and gives me a hug
love is so strong
when i take love gives

love doesn’t even know what despair is
in perfect love I am fearless
love isnt fake
the opposite of love isnt hate
its fear


hate is what fear is

those who hate

are scared

here… there’s enough love for you to take

love shares…

“because love” last apostle Eric Haylock


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