Knowing who you are

Looking at your heritage with dignity honoring the history of your people is a strength that gives identity.


click to listen to: MY PEOPLE

Celebrating Black History shouldn’t be looked at as divisive, but rather it must be the story we tell over and over again until the persevering spirit of OUR people is solidified in the hearts of our children.

We will lose ourselves to foreign and damaging agendas if we forget

 who we are.

praying hebrew

Our principals keep us grounded against the latest spective and any new destructive identity trying to attach itself to US. We look back to the God of Isaac and remember the commandments delivered to us through Moses to remember they are OUR ancestors…these are OUR Patricahs…

hebrew girl

…We are Hebrew People

We have forgotten ourselves lost in the idols of this world. Your heritage is that of Royalty…

Until we remember this

we will continue to wonder aimlessly with no 



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