Community Activist

Community activist (from what I can tell) is one who inspires people to take an active role in the community.


They also inform of policies and agendas that are harming the community. I dont believe you can have the betterment of the people in mind, and not eventually come into opposition with the bureaucracy and religious institutions behind the “powers” of the world.


To organize the youth of our communities to uplift and honor their elders will benefit society as a whole especially in the poorer neighborhoods. The impoverished community suffer with an alarming number of single parent homes or/and absentee fathers that is devastating the core structure of families there. If we engage our young people to show HONOR again simply by listening to our elders we will begin to reverse the trend of dysfunction caused by the “absentee father mindset”.


Community activist is a Pastor, coach, leader, entrepreneur who is dedicated to giving back, and committed to uplifting the family!


A Community Activist is a fighter!…We will give our life for the betterment of the lives that make up the community.

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