the least of these…

 The ones we in this world system call insignificant In the Kingdom of God will be counted as GREAT!


We are told to renew our minds in scripture so that we have the mentality of the KING of Kings. It would seem that when we begin to live and think as royalty we approach life differently, but not as the pompous elite of this world. When we take on the Kingdom mentality we live in contrast to the famous and rich who look down on regular everyday folk instead we now know we are servant to all.


A King is the greatest servant because his life is not his own…it belongs to the kingdom and the kingdom is made up of you and I and simple common people. The King from when he wakes up until he lays his head down at night is tending to the service of his people.

Its when the King puts his self interest above the best interest of his people – the kingdom – that he betrayed his position as king.

The Most High is judging your stewardship not by how many so called important people you know or how far your prestige stretches, but God like His Son Christ will judge how you treated:

…the least of these…


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