The ONE thing that is constant is change


We all struggle with uncertainty from time to time perhaps because change  is not secure and the outcome of change is not ,well certain. I am coming to the understanding that because change is constant that if we can somehow predict change we can then position ourselves to stand on the stable ground that is on the other side of change.

How can ONE predict upcoming change?


Well we all know that “you reap what you sow” which is the law of reciprocity which comes from the bible, so it would seem to me that if we hide ourselves in His word He will position us for change. I believe that its not that we can predict change, but its that there are signs that give clues to whats ahead. There are seasons that demand that we do particular things and change our habits or we will suffer in the upcoming seasons – “reap what you sow” and “their is a time to plant seeds and a time to harvest the seeds that was planted”

whether you like or not we are all revolutionist…some just chose to be leaders in it while others sit back and follow the lead of others

I today will allow myself to be lead by the holy spirit, because the spirit of God is always changing me but GOD Himself never changes. I will speak only when lead to speak and then act as I am lead to … this is what a REVOLUTIONIST is…change is:


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