the mercy tree



in hebrew means the “Great I AM”

this vocabulary I have not yet acquired

so I can’t properly articulate or confess with my lips

how your perfection exist

but I insist its my purpose

to profess your greatness within these verses the best way I can

I am your child so I speak with a certain level of audacity

only to magnify the magnificent nature of your majesty

your vast capacity

the endless, ONEness of your Morality which is yours alone

YOUR abode abides above

in limitless perfection which is your throne

the weight of your crown is your glory

in the timelessness of eternity

you decided to look down and write our story



and just then 

darkness was relegated to night

water was confined to the shores of land

your syllables produce visible materials

your pronouns perform precisely

theres no bounds to YOUR vowels

YOUR consonants create continents

who can comprehend what your conscience can accomplish

You’re the Most High imperial

none can compare to you

your only two accomplices

is the holy spirit and the son…

“mercy tree”

part one


Eric Haylock

last apostle


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