breaking the code


Their is a specific purpose hardwired into your DNA that is activated when opposition is experienced. You are unique and in your heart is: ETERNITY” this is God’s code to unlock destiny and live as “One who is Called”. Your a piece of a great Masterpiece that inspires the Kingdom of God to be established.


There is a code that we must enter into action so that the we may posses the victory that is tailor made for us. The knowledge that we need to gain to know what action to take is in HIS word. The word is GOD’s instruction manual to unlock our code.

When you are experiencing adversity – be encouraged! – that is your opening to apply the word…this is when what is in you can be unleashed!


When the storm has passed you are “more” of what God purposed you to be. Nothing but the word of God can open the PURPOSE locked in your heart…nothing but a battle can activate your need to enter in your code.

breaking the code

is priority number


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