mercy tree [conclusion]

part 3 of poem

“mercy tree”



Eric Haylock

~ last apostle ~


…it breaks my heart

because you have to depart

you rejected what I provided

sin has divided what was once –


man has migrated into misery

murdering infants

misfits who enlist in the enemy’s infantry


strife and despair

is all I hear

we study –


turn your trees into spears

turn your metals into swords

we rape and deceive

we study –

greed (1)

we now know poverty

learned how to turn people into property

and to properly oppress the poor


look at us!

we study –


we turn potential Princess into fleshly instruments

would be Queens, crowns get crushed

we have become so unworthy,


thank goodness, GOD had a plan of


He will grow a tree that will reverse what that forbidden tree has cursed

the first man failed


He will send His


that will prevail!

if one decision leads to the grave

then through another decision

we can be saved

from His Most HIgh position

with ultimate wisdom

He planted two seeds


 in the womb of a woman to give birth

the other into the earth


sent His Son the


to destroy the enemies empire

and inspire us to reconnect with HIM

to become as


and the seed will be pressed from all directions

until it would sprout out towards the light

to thrive as the tree of life



which is Jesus

who makes us free

had to pay a fee

He had to bear the weight

of this

“mercy tree”

because redemption comes at a cost


God who became man to dwell among us

without sin

would soon ascend to Heaven

to sit on a throne

was the cornerstone that we just tossed

a carpenter cut down, carved, and carefully crafted this

mercy tree

into a cross


“mercy” means compassion

in the Greek passion is to suffer

so the Passion of Christ

is God’s mercy for me so we can pass in

and discover eternal life

no longer lost.

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