Your Dreams


Your dream begins to come into focus when you come under authority. It is the wisdom of our elders that allows us to properly see the vision the Most High painted in us.

listen to your elders advice


The vision or the revelation from God is revealed bit by bit as dreams. To understand our dreams is to see clearly our own purpose, and to know how to walk circumvent meaning: When you adhere to and submit to the wisdom of our elders you can focus on the path that leads to your dream. Circumvent is knowing each action will return to you in greater form. If you give it will return to you greater than you gave. Your dream is your imagination revealing a snapshot of the vision God put in you.

When we come together and come under our elders with respect and humility we will gain a clearer vision and purpose will come into focus. Purpose is why you are here…purpose is what you do that brings you closer to your dream…the closer you get to reaching your dreams,the more established the vision will become into your legacy. The community will have to work at the vision for it to come into flourishen. Moses may have had a dream for his people to be free, but God had a vision of a people becoming a holy nation.


A Vision is a Dream times a thousand

You will not be able to properly see your dream or know the most effective steps to establish a vision if you do not come together and listen, heed, and act on the wisdom given by our elders.

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