There is an obvious problem in America its not an insignificant obstacle that can be overlooked or passed off as “those peoples” problems it is a catastrophe ripping through generations and shattering dreams. This dilemma is not simply the result of “those people” not taking personal responsibility for their situation; it is a conglomerate constructing an economic system on the brokenness of our young. Its not an uncertain conspiracy that lurks in the shadows, NO this problem is an obvious one that overshadows even basic common sense.


This problem is the prison system in America or the business of the penal system that is expanding and swallowing communities whole spitting out poverty and dysfunction to only perpetuate a cycle that benefits itself THIS is the problem destroying America. The American private business of building and FILLING those penitentiary complexes is growing at an exponential rate! The business plan for those prisons are working at the detriment of black families at an alarming pace.

There are those who have been sounding the alarm trying to announce to us of this epidemic that is even supported if not encouraged by OUR own constitution for years.


13th Amendment

Section 1.
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


It would seem that dubious minds proposed and then methodically acted out this: EXCEPT portion of the 13th Amendment.This plan went into full swing immediately preceding the freedom of slaves in 1865. Black men were being convicted for any and everything filling the prisons particularly in the south at the benefit of caucasian businesses, pockets, and egos.


When I hear “take personal responsibility” for your situation with no regard or consideration to a system that thrives off of keeping a cycle of poverty and dysfunction going as its business plan infuriates me. I want only to inform those who see young black males brutalized, killed and incarcerated by the police from what American media broadcasts that this is nothing new.

king James

In fact black males have been demonized sense before there was an America in what was then Britannica when the last BLACK KING ruled; YES King James was a Black man…the same King James who commissioned the Holy Bible. I only mention this fact because you may have seen painting after painting portraying King James as something other than Black or Hebrew which was one in the same (thats another discussion) in those times and to point out the rulership that followed King James took on the tactic of demonizing everything black. As you may know America is an colony of Britain that decided not to be under its rule, but used most of if not all of its tactics of governing.


Taking responsibility for your action is what men do, lets make no excuses about this, but there are deep bitter roots in the soul of the black male that can only be RESTORED with love and patience. If we see behavior that seems destructive than we (those who care to restore) should trace where those behaviors are coming from.

A parent would want to know why their child is upset because that parent loves their child and wants what’s best for their child right? That parent wouldn’t chastise that child for their action without at least seeing what lead to their anger. We as loving parents would get to the root of the problem to fully understand and than from that understanding the parent can then instruct their child how to properly deal with whatever pissed them off. 


In order to RESTORE you first have to seek understanding of the source of the problem. The process of you digging into the deeper issue will show that you care…just by seeking and not looking down on or making empty statements like “take personal responsibility” begins a healing process in that individual. When we take the time with the spirit of gentleness to show empathy we initiate therapy that allows us to be able to RESTORE.


America doesn’t seem to care about the growing prison population and consequently the black male knows this, because its black males that are filling these prisons. We see their behaviour that is perpetuated by hip hop and than we point fingers, and say take personal responsibility for your action …you put yourself in this position.

I will not ignore this evil business plan set forth by POWERS in high places that encourages poverty and dysfunction. I will take personal responsibility to RESTORE the young black male.

This is not for those in poverty or suffering from dysfunction to point fingers…this for those who are behaving in a destructive manner to know that their is a reason you are destroying yourself. There is a root cause for your actions and their are very powerful powers working to further instigate those destructive habits in your communities.


I want you to know that I have redefined success as: leading all those attached to me to a higher level.

I want to you to know that I am living as an example of what a BLACK MALE can be.

I want you to know that I seek to understand you.

I will work to RESTORE you.

I want America to know that there is a incredibly severe problem that is destroying us… its the “business plan” for the ever growing penitentiary system.


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