YES, it matters!

If I was an wicked ruler whose rulership thrived with having a people in a subservient state I would use my power to keep the people ignorant. As a evil King it would be in my self interest to keep the bottom class uneducated, because the knowledge of identity would conflict with the oppression that my kingdom or government benefits from.

eric author

So, the question is does it matter who prominent people in history are?

The obvious answer to this question is un – equivalently YES!

king James

Why does it matter what the true identity of the disciples, Yeshua, the prophets of the bible, King James, etc are?

1. If you construe or keep information hidden, confidential and secret than simple common sense tells you that the information being withheld MATTERS. Anything kept secret is significant, vital, and valuable or why would you keep it from a people.

2. Identity is a powerful thing! If I was employing you for a dollar a day and I knew you were related to Bill Gates or Bill Cosby I wouldn’t want you to discover this information because you would immediately demand your worth or resign to claim your inheritance.


When a people discover their identity it becomes impossible to oppress them…knowledge leads to purpose and it is extremely difficult to oppress a people who have purpose.

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