search out a matter

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings,

Proverbs 25:2


I would spend hours on end researching the Hebrew translation of the scriptures and read about history as regards to truth. I would uncover information that reveals the obstacles and tactics that bind and hinder you from elevating in your purpose.

I “searched out a matter” so I could rightly divide truth from vain teachings and man’s philosophy. The act of revealing and bringing revelation is the GLORY that kings receive who propagate the truth that GOD has hidden.


God may have concealed a thing to create ORDER…which is GLORY…the process of digging truths up…dedicating time and energy uncovering the treasures the Most High has hidden is creating ORDER or GLORY.

The enemy doesn’t want ORDER the enemy wants confusion…the enemy wants to keep you ignorant from truth that GLORIFIES GOD and is the GLORY of kings…a king is those who uncover and have the courage to announce this truth to you to uplift praise and inspire purpose.


So, if you find yourself researching subjects to improve the life of others…if you find yourself digging into matters to reveal truths and inspire purpose – sir, you are a king, and the truth you are bringing to light is your glory!

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