The removal of a symbol

Politicians will manipulate events to their benefit, however the initial reaction from the community in Charleston is that of prayer and unity,forgiveness,and compassion…in processing the assassination by an individual with a clear agenda comes a call to take purposeful action.

charleston together

A removal of a symbol…

it would seem to be a small request…

a symbol that embodies the action of the shooter.

dylon roof

Their is a multitude in SC praying for its removal…no political agenda,but faith with works…

a senator was murdered…something tangible has to happen…some measurable progress…

holding hands is great…standing with us while we grieve admirable…

now let’s do something…

a Pastor was killed alongside 8 of his congregates. He is us we are him we are one…please we must look through all the noise to see the pain...

a people hurting…


we just want a symbol to come down.

The media will only present the most divisive views of a much needed movement…if you personally reach out you will find a more thoughtful people hoping for a peaceful and meaningful change…Men and women of God like myself who recognize that this is the season for change.

The loudest voice isn’t always the righteous one…and it most certainly doesn’t represent all of us.

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