Get ready for persecution

I am Hebrew

Do not be deceived those who believe in Yeshua the Messiah and are lead by the holy spirit

YOU will be persecuted!


If you are born again get ready for persecution…get ready for false prophets preaching a strange doctrine…get ready for government infringement on your rights as a citizen because of your stance and belief in Christ.

Get ready for Hollywood movies presenting so called rapture doctrine that will convince American Christians they will be raptured before tribulation.


Get ready for more lies and more twisted doctrine more hate in what is righteous and more promotion of abomination.

¬†Get ready for a obvious distinction from the wide path and the narrow one…get ready for media to instigate racism get ready for more killing of blacks more bio chemical attacks on blacks…get ready for a divide in the so called church – it will be those who will support, protect, and stand with black people and those who justify the systematic destruction of those who are black.

get ready for persecution!


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