Diversity is not a first step

real you

If you want to see meaningful progress you must first change personal habits and destructive mindsets that inhibit forward movement. Growth must first start within than expand to those connected to you secondly your community until growth is evident in every thing that represents US as a people before we can go to the next step.

We must first take care of home…once you have not only addressed the needs of our communities, and are actively meeting those needs can we seek DIVERSITY.

Diversity is not a first step…its more of a third step.

rise up

Who told us that diversity is the answer to all problems?

Black people must think of themselves as a nation before we can move forward or we will always see our selves through the eyes of the dominant society. If our leaders are pushing diversity as the answer it is because we only see ourselves as successful if we are incorporating with the dominant society.


Its OK to be Black and to be happy with being Black…its OK to support other Blacks and desire the success of other Blacks…its OK to want your people to unify First.


Dont forget who you are because without identity you will allow others to define you.

I am a kingdom citizen


My KING rules a kingdom in order

Men must bring Order to their homes after establishing themselves in HIS word.

Then those men move their families to establish the kingdom in their communities…then unify his nation, finally he can diversify.


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