Sandra Bland

Ida B. Wells

As a adult I understand the value of respect.
We can eliminate so much by being respectful.
Using kind words even when you’re being mistreated by AUTHORITY isn’t a sign of weakness on the contrary your intelligent and thoughtful response to harsh and disrespectful words elevates your character and magnifies the wickedness of those mistreating you. Don’t get me wrong disrespect DOESN’T WARRANT the brutality from our authority,but it minimizes the character of the victim. We have to be smart,mature,kind,and respectful at all times even when mistreated by dumb,immature,unkind,and disrespectful people…our character is vital in our fight against INJUSTICE!


Sandra Bland

was and is a beautiful and forceful agent in change.


or HER MURDER (my speculation).

I as a father to 6 beautiful daughters and a husband to a gorgeous Queen. I am angered and outraged at the all to often deaths of our Black women at the hands of law officials.

black women killed

In my outrage I make it my point to arm my family with the great weapons of LOVE,TRUTH,HONOR,FAITH,and HOPE that translates into character.

In this war against INJUSTICE character is our greatest ally… for character will amplify the evil projected against us and unify us in righteousness.

When our character is evident it will shine a spotlight on those on the sideline ignoring the violence directed upon us.

Our first step in fighting against racism,injustice,oppression and genocide is:

Taking care of HOME.

Let your character be of righteousness let your words be of respect and truth with love and honor for this is a spiritual war.


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