Your voice is critical.

“Where “critical thinking” is vital; verbally criticizing may be counter productive.”


“Speaking life means addressing the darkness of ignorance with the light of truth.”


While i am passionate about our youth I must only emphasize the ills of our society if my voice will inspire solutions. 

We are constantly bombarded with the very real negative images and reports at work against us so I am careful that MY VOICE does not simply magnify the works of oppression. Critical thinking is to think free of the

manipulation from media and the mainstream train of thought.


“Speaking life is to verbalize wisdom uprooting the self sabotaging mindsets that destroy us, and encourage us of our victory.”


I am a witness of the power and freedom of the Kingdom at work in me. My words are significant in manifesting the good news of THIS Kingdom of GOD. I speak life in places where death has taken residence…wherever death is…your thinking, your lifestyle, this system, our communities, and our homes – I speak life.

I speak truth where you have accepted a lie as reality. I speak life that destroys the strongholds and curses that have you bound. My voice will remind you that the gates of hell will not overtake you if you are a citizen of the Kingdom that has forever defeated death and sin.


“I have come to the realization that I am to Kingdom minded for the Pro – Black community and to aware of my peoples true identity as Hebrews for Christians.” 

My voice is critical so when I speak it will be spirit lead…not media lead…or mainstream Christian church lead…or Pro – Black movement lead…It will be Kingdom lead…my voice will be of Hebrew truth, please remember that your VOICE IS CRITICAL!


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