[a good poet] a poem

good poet

“…a good poet can keep your imagination captive

hold your attention hostage

implant inspiration where you have settled for limitation

 good poets are like inner dimensional doctors

you know how physicians can go in and reposition your spleen

the point of my words is to cut out the darkness of doubt

and motivate you to re envision your dreams

for instance, YOU ARE VICTORIOUS

even if that isn’t how it seems


i’m just here to remind you of that fact

so that you might think back 

on all the good things God has already done


my profession is to be a blessing

my tongue is for the projection of His perfection

each lyric is conceived in the spirit

every word gives birth to hope when spoke

and I believe you are destine to hear it


not just to cope

greatness is yours without question

you are only placed in your current storm

to be a testimony that will build faith in someone facing rejection

 you can put that in quotes…”


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