no government will empower a people of God

Constantinian hyginemy or the secret treaty of Verona which is a genocide doctrine. This Doctrine of Discovery which is a unified effort to oppress, suppress, destroy, demoralize, and commit genocide of all Hebrew and Moorus peoples under the guise of establishing Christendom.

stop killing us

These are documents empowering the spiritual agenda set forth when Constantine merged paganism into the worship of Yeshua. The Crusades were enacted by Rome under the rule of the Pope to control spiritual significant lands and control people. Under the Constantinian Hyginemy or what could be described as white supremacy is the agenda to kill the chosen people of AHAYAH. This is perpetrated by the law of our government which most of us are ignorant to, and in our ignorance we are void of power and are kept in a dead state and powerless.


Truth is a power that is dangerous to the dark one ruling as the light of masonry. Master masons and secret societies perpetuate the will of principalities to form a New world order.

There is no worldly government that will give power to the so- called black people or indigenous peoples of this earth only the Most High will give us power through our understanding and accepting our identity as Hebrews.

egyptian president

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