make it about others


You are placed on this earth in your nation on your block to solve a problem. You are to give your life over to the problem you are created to solve. Your calling is your purpose requesting your presence.


As you venture towards the voice of the ONE calling you your life will look less like you and more like the ONE who is calling you. You cannot remain who you are and become who you were created to be. 


Your dreams are flashes from your conscience trying to unveil the vision the Creator painted in your eternal heart. 

You must lay your life down to pursue the vision that your dreams are advertising.


You must quite every voice that is not edifying the Word of God your Creator or you won’t be able to hear the soft voice of wisdom leading you towards purpose and speaking into your soul inspiring you with love. You are called to LOVE and we know that there is no greater expression of love than to lay your life down for those who you serve. You are called to die to anything that would magnify itself in your life as great; the only great thing in your life is your God, His word which is His Son and your calling. You are called to become like Christ…it is His voice that is calling you…if you are His then you will know His voice…His voice is His word.


Its not about you! You will discover that your dreams are about a solution that only you can deliver to a people in need.

You are called to break chains.

You are called to become the salvation that a hurting people have prayed for. 

You are called to become Christ in this earth in your nation on your block solving the problem of death.


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