truly you

When a child is uncertain about themselves they tend to lack confidence and the self assurance that personifies high self esteem. This lack in self worth easily clumps them into the follower category which only further clouds identity working against them from discovering who they really are and possessing the confidence that comes from knowing yourself. This lack of identity translates into that child becoming who ever is dominate in their environment often defining themselves as whatever the confident self assured leader is.

lion speaks

When a child is certain about themselves that child therefore is confident possessing high self esteem functioning with a healthy self worth most often exuding the character traits of a leader.  As a leader with a strong identity it is very difficult if not impossible for any group even a more dominant group to redefine that child causing them to conform and become a follower.


Until you truly define yourself with confidence and certainty you will always look to others to give your identity.

Who are you?

I am Hebrew

I am a kingdom citizen possessing the power of one who is called by my KING. I am a Hebrew descended from Jacob Abraham’s seed of the tribe of Judah. I can state this with confidence and certainty and this gives me a healthy self worth a assurance that I am victorious, because I have scriptures that support my royalty. Knowing who I am disarms any lie, scheme, deceitful agenda, or power that would try to redefine me for their benefit and at my determent.


I am a leader leading my family in truth functioning in my relationships with love and pressing towards the high mark in Christ. Who can defeat me…I am chosen…I am His royal priesthood and heirs to the throne, and will rule in His government that will become established after while.

real you


Black people are similar to that uncertain child functioning with poor self worth and little confidence. Until we understand who we are we will stumble assuming whatever identity that is assigned to us. As slaves doctrine was instilled in us with impure motives and in such a fragmented way it only further solidified us as inferior subservient followers. Until we with confidence and assuraty can define ourselves truly knowing who we are the dominant society will continue to define us to its benefit and at our determinant.

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