I believe I may be too laid back sometimes it is this belief that leads to the stress of, “am I being productive enough”. I can waste the day and evening away reading or watching educational documentaries: I mean I could literally watch professors expound on certain subject matter for hours.

This gathering of information doesn’t seem “productive” enough sometimes. I often ask myself and usually my wife will ask,”how is this – getting fat on knowledge – adding to our life?” My answer is: it satisfies a hunger for knowing that contributes to my understanding of purposeful action and prudent decision making. I am not positive that exploring how deep the rabbit hole is actual ADD’s to my life more than it satisfies a thirst for answers.

The real question is does this information gathering translate into cash flow? In most cases I believe it does in other cases It would seem that knowledge liberates one from the ambition to acquire things or higher positions for prestige, but rather their is now a calmness in being rather than pursuing.

What if productivity isn’t always measured by tangible goods, but like a teacher there is such a thing as producing inspiration. If i can produce a poem that can teach, comfort, lead, and build understanding then i believe that I am being productive.

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