Truth and Love


In uncovering a truth that has been suppressed we become more complete. Discovering who you are when it was previously hidden is like wiping the sot off a mirror to clearly observe your reflection. The revelation I am referring to is the scripture, anthropology, history, and countless scholarly reports supporting the fact that the so – called Negro in America is actually the Tribe of Judah.

egyptian president

The truth that Black people are Hebrew people is not in contrary to the love and submission to Christ.

It seems that this new development is being accepted as a one or the other type deal – not true.

Knowing from whence we come does not in any way conflict with who our Savior is or who we belong to. 


I believe what may be working as a determent to this truth is the “Hebrew Israelite” movement that is being displayed on the internet. We must accept that there is always going to be those who accept the truth of history while rejecting the love of the Messiah. In my coming to Christ I had to do a lot of “overlooking” of what was done in the name of Christ. When I was born again I was forced to bypass the acts of Christian Slave owners and “Christian’ white supremacist and the Christian masonic group to which several of our U.S. presidents belong – the KKK.

love people

Their hate didn’t detour me from the love of God in His Son Yeshua the Messiah. 


I accept the truth of who I am and present it in love.

Truth and Love.

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