“Saved” is a colloquialism for being born again meaning “saved’ from hell!


I would like to challenge you on that statement and the principals it implies.

Can a choice you made one day seal you eternally in God’s favor and SAVE you from hell? 



Is it possible that carnality creeped into the lifestyle of what being saved means?

Like all things in this American culture we popularized living set apart or holy thus making it common, and living as; CALLED OUT ONES was anything but common. What America calls Christians are common, easy, safe, and powerless.

Salvation is a mentality…a way of thinking.. a code of conduct…a lifestyle that separates you from the mainstream culture.


Being SAVED is to have the mind of Christ!

Repentance means to change your mind and go in the total opposite direction you were going in before you repented. If you are “saved” and your life is still the same you are doing the same things and their is no new passions and convictions then the life you had in the world my friend YOU ARE NOT SAVED!!! 

…and no I’m not talking about works I’m talking about a authentic transformation…a conversion…a process that is ongoing it is choosing to put that helmet of salvation on DAILY. Yeshua means: God our Salvation or GOD SAVE ME!!! when you accept the Messiah you are saying GOD SAVE ME!!! then through faith you repent which (again) means: change your mind and turn completely around. When you have turned around you than have chosen to answer the call…you have been CALLED OUT!!! This path and lifestyle as a CALLED OUT ONE is a narrow path that not many travel. Christ said if you love the world than the love of my Father is not in you. He said if you love me then you will keep my commandments.

Don’t let this world fool you…the surety of your salvation is in your conversion by the power of Yeshua!

Christ said many will SAY I have done this or that in your name, but Christ will say depart from me I never knew you!!!


(click above picture to watch video of Paul Washer)

Christ also tells a parable of those who have “accepted” the invitation to the wedding, but when the KING comes to the wedding party HE asks why haven’t you changed (as in CHANGED your mind- REPENTED!) into proper wedding attire and on that day He had His servants throw them – who have not CHANGED – out into outer darkness and mashing of teeth – sounds like hell to me. 

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