you are not —

You have been told that you are the bottom of the barrel, and that your existence is rooted in savagery.

beautiful lion of Judah

You have been taught that you are lower than…less than…and that you come from jungles…and you are more closely related to apes than to man.



Is history important yes!

God says so in His word.


Job 8:8

Deuteronomy 32:7

Leviticus 26:40 

You have been indoctrinated with scripture in ways that distort who you are.

You have been indoctrinated with biblical movies and artwork  and propaganda  that clouds the truth of your identity.

fathers day

Your fathers “Black People” are Abraham, Issac, and Jacob!

Your strength is in your heritage the son will continue in the power of his father, however if this connection is severed than his power is lost. Our connection to our HIStory has been crushed and suppressed so as a result we are a people with no power.

The bible is a HIStory book and the people in it do NOT resemble the characters in those Hollywood productions.

egyptian president

Hebrew Culture is OUR way of life and as you begin to see clearly where you come from you begin to realize your identity!

So you are Hebrew…why does it matter?

Knowledge of your History allows you to see the sins of your fathers as commanded by Ahayah in the bible. With this knowledge you discover the solution to the curse placed on Ahayahs people for turning away from Him.

I am Hebrew

Why does it matter? Because the enemy has conspired to make the name of Israel NO MORE!  Identity matters because it reconnects you to you Father Ahayah according to scripture. 

It matters because we are God’s chosen people and this opens up our understanding that we are the children of Jacob and we are promised a land and a position in the Kingdom.

rise up


when you are told who you are doesn’t matter you should question the motive of the one making this statement!

lion of judah

You are not a lost people who were found swinging from trees…you are Ahayahs Chosen people.

Black people you are the Tribe of Judah!


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