“my dream”

new poem


my dream is that my people will finally become a nation

and submit to the Creator with such dedication

that it would be impossible to justify the injustice of denying us reparations

I dream that the government will be overtaken

by the kingdom


and that we would only look to the KING of ZION for representation

my people I need you to see that you are 

kings and queens


designed by the Divine inlined with royalty

behind the messiah

but we rejected Ahayah


as a result we were scattered amongst the nations

literally dying in the street

my dream is that the Lion will AWAKEN

lion of judah

I remember my mother crying because she was forsaken by my father

he said he would be back he just needed to hold my bike

I quickly learned he had a habit he was an addict

he wanted crack to smoke in that pipe

for those trying to adapt to their situation

you not dedicated to your dreams because it feels like your hope is in a trap

well, believe me i know what that’s like

but I’m not one to glorify my problems


so i ask

do you see a solution?

you say ‘education”

oh, you mean like Huey P. Newton


or does he represent separation

to radical with his views

what about William Seymour, Dr. Cornell West or langston Hughes…


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