…as a man thinks

“As a man thinks so is he…” If your self view is distorted with lies you will never outgrow the strongholds created to suppress your greatness. A strong self view consistent with truth produces purpose. Think royalty! Think Holy! Your heritage is rooted in Kinghood not slavery! “as a man thinks so is he…”

king david



The Kingdom of God is within you and in order to establish it you must remove adverse mindsets embedded into your psyche or your soul. The enemy has flooded our conscience and our subconscious with falsehoods that we operate in unknowingly. Mental boundage is broken with the renewing of the mind that comes through Yeshua and its perverted agenda is overcome through the washing of the word.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ or Yeshua the Messiah

How does these images of King David and Yeshua our Savior make you feel?

You should examine your emotions when they are met with certain images, because these emotions are telling you something.

…as man thinks

Elevate the altitude of your thinking.

You must overcome the sickness of inferiority or royalty will always be a distant concept and “to high” of a understanding for you to embrace. A kingdom mindset and a slave mentality cannot occupy the same psyche. In order to establish the kingdom you yourself must “BE FREE”.

fredrick dougless christ

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