Worst Prisons in the World

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful without measure” is a quote from a poet Marianne Williamson that I think sums up our current dilemma in America.

beautiful lion of Judah

We have formed prisons that keep greatness locked behind mediocrity because of the persecution that comes with being great. We have made excuses of why we are stuck in the rut of just getting by or just good enough because these excuses are real just like guards in a prison are real. The condition of our life is a result of how we think. Our thoughts manifest into action that turns into habits that lead us down a certain path. Fear is the bars in the prison cell of doubt that are only as real as we allow them to be. Your power is waiting to be released through the action of confidently walking in the purpose that God intended.

eric author

We serve a Big God who put greatness in you that is only realized when we are faced with obstacles. I know things haven’t been fair in life ,but guess what- they are not supposed to be-you are expected to do the impossible because you are great. We can overcome the failed relationships that we were in prior to now because of the power of greatness that is in you or more precisely the greatness that is in God. If you are created to be great then it stands to reason that you must reconnect with God to live in the power your Creator intended. The fear of failing is only natural right? True, but we must change our thinking forget what is natural or normal because if we accept to stay in a cycle of normal then we won’t accept the supernatural power that is unleashed when we walk in our purpose not doubt, and the amazing things that are in us when we act in love not fear.


The kid that doesn’t tell his friends about his science project and crazy ideas because of fear. The husband that doesn’t pursue a dream because of the fear of failing are symptoms of the prison we put ourselves in. The man who grew up in a single parent home with no real example of how a man operates in a marriage is the doubt we take orders from. You are not inadequate and I think deep down you know that you are powerful,but you are just scared of being great. You are afraid of the hard work it takes to pull this greatness out of you or you are fearful of what your friends will say about you. You don’t want the pressure of the world trying to kill that greatness so you accept your prison so no one will expect anything from you.

dangerous artist

I pray that you grow to hate the prison that society made for you stop taking orders from excuses and doubt and live your purpose walk in love. Perfect love cast out all fear and ignorance is to ignore the truth so stop living in the fear of your greatness ignoring the power that is in you the truth of who you really are. Love others with the love of Christ embracing their dreams in this you help bend the bars of their prison cell letting hope in revealing what life would be like if they believed. Stand up straight look fear in the eyes speak boldly walk in the power of your purpose use the truth of God’s Word to unlock the prison bars and be who you are-BE GREAT! 


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