The ability to respond

In You is a “supreme authority” or a “sovereign power” that is called the kingdom of God.

kingdom cult

Irresponsibility will suppress the “supreme authority” in you, because your  ability to respond is not developed enough to carry the weight or glory of what God placed in you.


When you are fickle or not long suffering you disqualify yourself from authority. In other words if you lack the ability to respond to what you are currently managing you are not responsible enough to walk into your “sovereign power” or the kingdom of God.

In Luke 17:21 Yeshua says don’t look for the kingdom in buildings, but to to look within…Christ says the,”the kingdom of God is within you…”.

kingdom in Greek is: basileia translated: supreme authority, sovereign power, kingship, and rule.


Our Messiah told us to not to look for it elsewhere, but to look for it within.


We must become responsible for our current conditions; we must own our situations. We must NOW show the – ability to respond – to the problems in our homes and communities. We must shed the oppressive stronghold of “immaturity” and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our lives! 

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