open rebellion pt.2

…Costantain is a Roman Emperor who merged

Paganism with christianity

so now they got you

boxed you in religion

to block you from true vision

last apostle

I stand on the outside trying to bring them wisdom in

but they identify with the republic

and reject this kingdom citizen

Yeshua said spread the good news of the kingdom

the good news is the gospel

so its the the gospel of the kingdom that I bring in

I refuse to go if I can’t bring my KING in


my position is truth

my proof is the scripture

you’re confused they infused what you know with tradition

you rebuke my reproof you choose mixture

I can identify with those who have been deceived by there lies

 the system is comprised of principalities

evil powers and satanic forces that rule from the sky

so while the mega church is exploding

the rate of Christian divorce is on the rise…

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