open rebellion ~ poem pt3

…could some of our preachers be teaching a babylon philosophy that is causing us to compromise

hoop and holler for a dollar

using eastern mysticism to prophesy

you don’t have to digest my lyrics

you should test every spirit

study the holy text for yourself you decide

while you are studying ask yourself how

black people forgot that they were Hebrew

mistake good for evil

and willingly participate in their own genocide

I adamantly pursue my call

which is to awaken the passion inside of you all

and reestablish what was lost due to Adam’s fall



…so that your dreams may become a reality

I speak fatality to whatever is keeping you from walking in the totality of your faith

like new age spirituality secularized christianity is a disgrace

with its religious appearance but worldly mentality

it manipulates grace

 turns ministry into a race

as a result the youth embrace a lifestyle so –


I say submit to the Most High

the center of HIS will is the safest place

you made mistakes

He will make them straight

its eithe one of two paths that you can take

which do you chose?

I have to know

we don’t have that much time

look I gots to go

everyday is a battle be either hot or cold

don’t straddle the fences

their is a gospel of the flesh

prosper in your own self interest

gain wealth and be blessed

you know it doesn’t make sense, but it appeals to your senses

it leaves you reduced

the person it produced is less apprehensive

the family structure has become loose

because you lowered your defenses

there is a cost to devaluing the life that He gave

the price that paid on the cross was way to expensive

we was lost but through Christ we are saved

He is the light and the way

you can deny the word and do nothing, but the repercussions are to extensive

so excuse me as I exclude myself from your mockery

I’m a king who submits to the KING

this is a kingdom not a democracy

I insist that you are a victim

while you are steady trying to get me to enlist in your system with no vision 

no wisdom

your relationship with religion is pure hypocrisy.

The revolution that killed Hip Hop

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