Is Kanye West possessed?!

I watched Kanye West’s performance on SNL and it weirded me out.


Kirk Franklin is the Gospel artist who was praying over Kanye at the end of the ¬†performance. Kanye was laying down on the stage – I think to mimic being slain in the spirit – Kirk Franklin was laying his hands on him and then Kanye Jumped up in the most weird and spooky way started promoting his album and at the end – this is the weirdest part – made this sound that didn’t sound human.


Demon possession is when a unclean spirit or demon has control of your body sometimes giving the person it controls superhuman strength and ability to contort one’s body and facial features in inhuman ways.

Oh, demon possession manifest itself with really, really unusual sounds!

I remember reading an article recording Kanye to have stated he wants to channel the Jim Morrison spirit from the “Doors”. If you don’t know Jim Morrison was into heavy occult practices …he even married a witch.

There are now artist coming out saying he has mental problems which seems to me a narrative to counteract the obvious manifestation of a demon on live TV.

Watch for yourself on Ex (click to watch) 

Is the devil becoming more bold in his attempts to promote his message and broadcast his power or are we, and I just crazy?

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