Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street

Tulsa, Oklahoma


black wealth

When Blacks were denied access to white facilities the Black people of Tulsa started their own community. Marcus Garvey even planned to have ships transport goods from France, Africa, Canada, and other places to do business with this thriving city before the city was terrorized by surrounding Mayors and white mobs. 

black bombings

This is a part of our history that must be taught to over and over again.

black wall.

We remind ourselves of our past victories and the tragedies committed against the expressing of our greatness so future generations will never forget what we accomplished and the powers set up to extinguish our purpose when we unite. 

black wall street

Did you know that the song by the G.A.P band – “They drop the bomb on us” is a homage to the Black Wall Street.


Never forget the power we posses when we come together.

Never forget the power that exist to destroy your unity.

Our greatest power is to establish the Kingdom of God!

The greatest commandment is to love God and your neighbor!

Free yourself from inferior thinking the KINGDOM is in YOU! 

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