The “overlooked” reason slavery ended

We all know about the Civil War and the “Emancipation Proclamation” amendment to the constitution by Abraham Lincoln right?


Many of us are in the dark about the “Gullah Wars” which forced the country to deal with slavery on a political level. Black people are deprived of their history and the strength that their legacy inspires. American history has been told with a skewed narrative as to suppress the exploits of Black people and denote their victories therefore suffocating the greatness in future generations.

lion speaks

We are taught in the public school systems about one or two slave rebellions when in truth there were hundreds of rebellions; these were called the “Gullah Wars” – which was a large scale military resistance by Black men leading Native American Tribes to end chattel slavery.


These wars occurred between 1739 – 1858.

100 years of warfare that has been omitted from our history!

The Gullah Wars has been disguised in the education system as the “Seminole War” or the Indian Wars when infact Black men joined forces with Native American Tribes to fight against White supremacy even forming the “Negro Town” which served as a refuge for slaves who could escape the fields of there oppressor.

Seminole means “Runaway”


Was the 13th amendment a event to hide and detour the SELF LIBERATION process of Black people? Was the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham lincoln a way of appealing to the African to partner with their oppressor rather then uniting with their fellow brothers?


The Stono Rebellion – 1739: The slaves killed slave owners and marched through Carolina chanting, “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty” as result of this rebellion the “New Negro Act” was passed. 

The Gullah which could derive from Angola referred to African People. These African warriors were helped by the Spanish in their fight against the Colonial powers of America.

The Battle of the Horseshoe Bend – 1814, General Thomas Jesup said, “Throughout my operations I found the Negroes the active and determined warriors, and during the conferences with the Indian Chief I ascertained that they ( Negro) exercised an almost controlling influence over them.”  The General goes on to say:

“This you be assured that this is a NEGRO WAR and not an Indian War” – General Thomas Jesup

The Battle of Negro Fort – 1816: After this lost the Gullah fighters returned to Decentralized warfare or guerrilla war.

Slaves were actually fleeing south for freedom joining the Rebellion and thousands of U.S Soldiers were killed fighting in these wars.

The Battle of Suwanee – 1818 Andrew Jackson killed women and children of Black and Native American towns after losing to the Gullah.

The Denmark Vesey Conspiracy – 1822: In Charleston, SC almost all the slaves ( 1000’s) joined the conspiracy to overthrow their oppressor.

The Dade Massacre – 1835: This victory was labeled a massacre to hide the triumphant efforts of the Gullah.

The Battle of Withlacoohee River – 1835: Gullah defeated General Gaines

The Battle of Lake Okeecobee – 1837

These Gullah Wars pressured the North to end slavery and the Civil War was more like a formality orchestrated by the Banking systems. The public school systems were created by the Rockefellers to educate workers for their industries so we are taught history from a perspective that benefits their interest.


Freedom is not given it is reserved for those who are willing to fight for it and those who are responsible enough to maintain it. 

NO ONE GIVES you freedom… it is only obtained through one operating in their purpose and thriving in their calling.

Anything hindering your purpose is the enemy of your FREEDOM!

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