The true knowledge of self and the WAR against that knowledge

To know yourself is to know the ONE who Created you.


It is said that history is really HIS – tory and if there is any truth to that statement than what story is the Most High telling and why?

Knowledge is to fear God. Understanding is to run from evil. Wisdom is to seek to know and understand the Most High consistently growing closer to Him constantly submitting to His will.

Knowing yourself is to know where you are from and what faith sustained your ancestors. If I am ignorant of my parents than I am missing a piece of myself. If I am ignorant of my ancestors I am in the dark when it comes to what distinguishes me from other people.

king david

IDENTITY is what distinguishes you and what sets you apart.


The God of our ancestors is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob this is the Hebrew God the Most High God of the bible. The “stock” of Abraham are the Chosen people “set apart” to live as the Most High’s special people. 

who am I

Every nation has ancestors and every nationality has ancestors, the god of those ancestors determine the source of that nation’s strength. To know yourself is know from whence you came. If there is repression and deliberate efforts to suppress the knowledge of where you came then that is an indication of the importance of that knowledge. 

Our HIStory is vital in understanding how we are to go forward. We look back to learn from those before us to understand clearly the path ahead. The Holy scriptures is a HIStory book of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s descendants.

Abraham Issac Jacob alter AhaYah

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding” – Proverbs 4:7

Show me someone who heeds the words of his righteous father and I’ll show you a wise person. Show me someone who submits to the commands of the One true God and I’ll show you a person made great with wisdom. Now, if the God of your ancestors is the One true God than you are distinguished as the “chosen people” set apart from other nations. The suppression of this knowledge is representative of the fear that the Powers have of you connecting to your source as your ancestors have.

To know yourself is know God’s word, because God’s word is the source of mankind and in it is the wisdom that leads to life.

Yeshua is God’s Word made flesh and through Christ we are reconnected to AHAYAH (The Great I AM) by way of His spirit. If you have submitted to the holy spirit you are at one with the ONE who Created you…your Source, by way of the Savior.


To know yourself you must know HIM!

IDENTITY is to know from whence you come and to be committed to the Most High. To glorify your God is the culture you create and the thing that distinguishes you.

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