Put an expectation on your gift

I ask the Most High to empower the gift that He put in me as I minister through spoken word poetry.


(click to hear spoken word)

I go into every venue, church, club, and performance with a goal in mind: “Become invisible so the spirit of God may inspire the souls in attendance”.

The revolution that killed Hip Hop

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It feels good to receive accolades from the audience for the performance, but my goal is to change someone’s life! If wooing the crowd is your only expectation than you will shortchange the power placed in your gift. If success is to impress the people with your skill and not to inspire them you will devalue the purpose of the gift.


(click to watch spoken word)

What if the crowd didn’t go crazy after your performance,but someone found you in the parking lot and gave you her testimony, crying and thanking you for allowing God to use you to deliver that poem? Would you claim that engagement a success?

I implore you to put an expectation on your gift.

Go into every engagement as an opportunity to awaken purpose in someone and inspire greatness, confront ignorance, denounce injustice, and establish the Kingdom of God.


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In placing an expectation on your gift you wont view applause or the lack of applause as success or not, but rather if you stirred something up on the inside of someone. You cant always look for outward reactions for what the spirit of God is doing internally.

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