How do we make sense out of Orlando?

What perspective are we to view this event with that seems so senseless and horrific?

orlando shooting

I believe we must look at it with reason and logic, and we must also view tragedy with a emotional and spiritual lens. 

If we consider what happened in Orlando, Florida only from the perspective in which it is reported we are bypassing critical reasoning, and it is very important to first be critical of the information presented by mainstream media, why?

We must use critical reasoning when viewing media, because there is always an agenda that is usually below the surface pushing us to come to a certain conclusion and support a particular idea.


With reason I believe that this shooter is part of a bigger agenda as he himself stated in the 911 call when he “pledges allegiance to ISIS”, and with reason he targeted the gay bar as part of that agenda. Logic tells me that he was well prepared and planned this far in advance, because to kill 49 or 50 people and injure 53 people means you have some pretty serious ammunition,firepower, and a thought out strategy.

Critical thinking leads me to ponder who ISIS is.

Before I digest what is fed to me by our media I first must research other similar “radical groups” like Taliban and the late dictator Saddam Hussain.


Taliban was trained, financed, and armed by the CIA, yes that is the United States run Central Intelligence Agency. The leader Osama Bin laden went to Yale University to become educated and then take over as the leader of the CIA BACKED Taliban! I am giving you this information because it is reported that ISIS or Islamic State branched off from this Taliban CIA formed group. The Taliban was formed to serve as resistance to the Soviet Union so this ISIS could be a group to serve as an arm of CIA or Israel’s version of CIA to justify war like in the Iraq War.


Saddam Hussein according to”Economic Hitmen” was a MI6 agent (British version of CIA) sent into Iraq to gain influence or collapse Iraq’s government according to this documentary that was filled with International Bankers and government officials. If you think this to be to far reaching than you probably don’t read , research or think critically. There are many governments that have been either financially controlled by the IMF (International Monetary Funds) or overthrown from the inside by “rebel” groups.

What i’m saying is it seems America is creating the evils that it convinces us that we must now go to war with.

When I look at this event from a spiritual perspective I am grieved. I can only imagine the grief and heartache of the parents of those young people. I can only imagine what anguish they are going through possibly beating themselves up for not doing more or being a stronger standard or perhaps for being too rigid.

gay orlando

Some Christians suggest that this is”judgement” for their Homosexual lifestyle. 

I believe if we look at this from a scriptural lens we must look at what God “Judges” according to the bible. 

“That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” – Thessalonians 2;12

The Most High is a righteous God who judges according to the truth. The truth is grace saves us from our own unrighteousness over and over and over again so when tragedy occurs we believe it to be senseless when in truth God kept us from a thousand tragedies.

“Do you take pleasure in you own unrighteousness?”

How many times have you thanked the Most High for a safe passage home or that your flight didnt crash?

Judgement in most cases is our Heavenly Father giving us over to ourselves or it is God allowing the consequences of our actions to come full circle. Grace is Christ putting space between the judgement that we deserve, and allowing us time to repent to turn to Him.


Why would we not be outraged when gangs shoot each other down like in Chicago – by the way 60 people were violently killed last weekend –  but hold midnight vigils for clubgoers at a gay bar who lost their life?

Is one a tragedy and not the other; aren’t they both taking pleasure in their own unrighteousness?

Couldn’t they both be Judgements?!

I believe this like many other events are wake up calls.

The Most High trying to get our attention.

Their are little alerts that sound off in our lives,but we ignore it or believe we are good we say to ourselves,”nothing will happen.” He sends bigger alarms to answer His Call, however we often right it off or work through them as simple setbacks. Then sometimes there are tragedies.

YES this is Judgement, but not just on their lifestyles; it is also judgement on our lack of interceding on their behalf. We are to be Abraham pleading with AHAYAH to spare Sodom and Gomorrah not pointing our fingers in self righteousness at their demise.

This is a alarm sounding off for everyone, not just in Orlando, but it’s a horn blaring out REPENT TURNAROUND COME BACK TO GOD!


In conclusion critical thinking reveals to me that this event is a precursor to war and it now is labeling any group that states according to the bible that Homosexuality is sin a “Radical Extremist”!

This is Judgement from God and we are ALL guilty it is a HORN blowing sounding off: REPENT TURN TO CHRIST!

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