Keepin it Kingdom?


The uplifting of the Black women and the chastising of the injustice visited upon Black people will be contested by some and celebrated by others.

When we hear speeches that highlight the materialism and the status symbols that perpetuated the slave mentality we are caused to inspect our habits and behaviors . It requires us to look at ourselves and take inventory of our souls.

Jessie williams

Why would the upliftment of our women be denounced by those who claim to be followers of Christ?

I ask who is your neighbor?


Love motivates us to care and take action for our neighbor when we see them hurting, hungry,homeless,or sick. This same love inspires us to speak out against or call out a system that instigates poverty, oppression, imprisonment, and the hardship of a people.

Love make us angry at mindsets that teardown the prosperity of a people. Love sometimes seems to express itself to expose darkness so freedom can be established.

I will celebrate the struggle that the Black women inparticular has overcome, because her strength has been the backbone that maintained the community for so long.


What is more Kingdom than uplifting the overlooked and calling out the injustice that works against a people?

black mother

I pray that the good news of the Kingdom leeds you to operate in the authority that you are called to function in since before the creation of the earth.

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