We can’t Ignore: featuring words from Hamza Taylor and Chosen Ctw


(click to listen to the Love and Loyalty show)

“It’s sad to say but in a few weeks a lot of us will continue to live as if nothing has happen. We will live like this until another son or daughter is snatched from us. We will then repeat the cycle, and we will then repeat the cycle.

We will not unite permanently. We will march temporarily.
We will scream until our voice becomes hoarse.
We will cry until eyes are dry. We will then repeat this cycle, and then again repeat this cycle.

We will do nothing!
Don’t convince yourself you’re ready to fight.
We will do nothing.

We will know when we are truly ready.
Social media will be silent because WE will be too occupied to log on. “
‪#‎WillNotBeTelevised‬ – Hamza Taylor



The images of our brothers bodies haunt our conscience and attack our sense of safety and fairness. We react to these gross acts of injustice with anger, sadness, and the strong desire to escape, so some of us choose to IGNORE.

Ignoring these acts of violence against your brother is like ignoring the check engine light on the dashboard of your vehicle. You can act like you don’t see it, but sooner or later that light will affect you!

It hurts I get it, but to belittle the death of someone murdered by our authority is too grave an incident to put aside.

What if we ALL as a society of believers stopped ignoring? What if those who claim to have a relationship with the Most High through His son Christ stop ignoring and stood as ONE against this injustice?

You are not being more Christ like by ignoring… as if you’re somehow rising above the pain of the rest of us by refusing to be distracted by a simple police incident!

You are choosing apathy and coloring it kingdom… you are copping out, but claiming that you’re not participating in fear.

Only perfect love can cast out fear and perfect love will sacrifice itself over and over again.

I am choosing not to Ignore, because I am discerning an uprising in our young people to take action and you should pray that God fearing leaders direct their action.

There is coming a time when there will be no talking, but instead demands will be made…ultimatums will be given, and action will be taken!


(click picture to listen to Chosen Ctw) 

“BLACK PEOPLE: A few facts about you

– You are resilient – you are known to survive the toughest of circumstances
– You are cool- you add a level of swagger to every thing you do- music, sports, – that dictates even white culture
– You are powerful – You overcome the hardest of situations

Because of these reasons you are intimidating – which is why a white person can resist arrest and just be “subdued”

which is why even if you don’t resist- because they don’t understand black people and are AFRAID of you, you could still be killed

When I was 12 a cop put a gun to my head because he asked me what was in my pocket – I told him “just a pen” and reached for the pen (there was obviously no gun in my small pockets)

But only now as an adult can I look back and see his eyes- he was truly afraid

He was afraid because I am resilient, cool, and powerful – and because of these reasons he was intimidated” – Chosen Ctw


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