Heart Issue

We often hear as a response to racism, violence, and disenfranchisement of a people that it’s a Heart Issue.

In the Christian community when obvious disregard for Black life is captured and answers and justice is demanded our Pastors and ministers respond: it’s a Heart Issue…they need Jesus. 

While these are true statements “It’s a heart Issue ” is a juvenile and dismissive response to the problem.

Of Course it’s a “Heart Issue” everything is an out pouring of what is inside,but to respond to systematic genocide of melanated people with it’s a “Heart Issue”  is evasive and cowardly.


If your child’s teacher called home about your child’s grades and behavior in class would you respond, “it’s a Heart Issue”? No, I imagine as a intelligent and caring parent you would investigate to discover why your child was disruptive and under performing right?

Once you uncovered the problem you would than set forth goals that would lead to a preferred destination.

What Im saying is as a people who love what God loves and hate what God hates we would seek to establish His rulership in every area that the enemy has taken hold of.

We as Kingdom citizens would get to the “HEART OF THE ISSUE” so we can expose the enemy’s stronghold; this is putting a light on what is twisting the heart, and motivating behavior that is destructive and unproductive.

The HEART OF THE ISSUE is that the principality of racism is engrained into the foundation of America and western Christianity, so that in order to confront the evil that exist in the cultural mindset of racism we have to put a light on the American Church and society as a whole.


This is a hard thing to do; to confront the evil that exist in the faith that is supposed to love is very difficult so instead our leaders tell us to hold hands and pray that Jesus change the hearts of people when it is the heart of the church that refuses to acknowledge its sickness.

“You can not heal what you refuse to acknowledge” – Justice Carter

I would tell the church to mourn with Alton Sterling’s family, support his community, and pour into the people that are suffering the most. 


I would plea with Pastors to denounce the unrighteous acts of our authority and to invest in the business,banks and entrepreneurs in BLACK communities, but that would require the Christian community to acknowledge that their is a problem and racism is the powerful nasty spirit rooted at the foundation of this country and church.

Shouldn’t the Caucasian pastor be leading the charge in pouring into and supporting the Black community if the Black community is suffering? 

Im not talking about hand outs Im talking about empowering their business that will strengthen the economic stability in the Black home. Im talking about making it an effort to support Black business!

I would inspire the Kingdom to love those of us in the body that are suffering, but the church would respond that the kingdom doesn’t see color. The church would preach that in heaven their are all colors so why would we concentrate on the Black communities, “ALL lives matter”.

all lives

I instead choose to search out the righteousness of the kingdom live in the knowledge of truth and love in spite of the obvious and deliberate hate and oppression.

While mainstream secularized Christianity responds to the aggressive violence and injustice aimed at melaninated peoples with “it’s a heart issue” or “all lives matter” I will keep exposing the root problem.

I will vocalise the HEART OF THE ISSUE for it is their that we can clearly identify our enemy and with wisdom work towards a solution with faith.

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