A good cop


Mr. Mike Ruppert was a law enforcement officer who was told to participate in operations oversaw by the CIA that would funnel cocaine into the inner city communities of Los Angeles.

He refused to take part in operation Pegasus ( among others) and worked to stop these operations that was crippling the Black communities among others in America and feared for his life because of the numerous death threats made by our law enforcement officials. 

Mike Ruppert was a good cop who wouldn’t cooperate with the system that he himself was a part of, and his decision to do the right thing cost him a great deal.

Doing the right thing is no simple task in a world where the right thing depends on poplar opinion.

The system itself cannot police itself and when racism is embedded into the very foundation of this country’s ideals and laws righting the system means tearing up the very foundation of this county. When a cop does the right thing that cop than becomes a traitor to the very brotherhood he swore to be loyal to.


I have no faith in our system however I do have faith in a people who decide that doing the right thing is worth everything!

When we decide that we will unify under the One and true God and move with one purpose there is no worldly system that can suppress justice.

We may have to lay our lives down for righteousness and forsake alliances that benefit wicked institutions to do what is right.

To be a friend of this world is to be a enemy of God…will we do the right thing if it costs us our carrier, position, and family?

I thank Mike Ruppert for his stance and dedication to doing the right thing he is a good cop.

What we face today is nothing new it is only being captured on devices that enter our homes at such a frequent rate that to ignore the gross injustice of the victims becomes unthinkable.


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