Preparing for the KING!

When we restore our culture we than gain autonomy.


Autonomy allows us to be self sufficient and self governing restoring historical continuity empowering each other. 


As a people of truth…a people who have awaken to our heritage of Hebrew origins we prepare for the return of our KING.


Culture is a way of life so when we realign ourselves with the truth of the scripture and unlearn the destructive self defeating identity given to us we can become who were purposed to be.


You are called to establish the Kingdom of God or make permanent the rulership of the Most High. You are called to uplift one another building up and encouraging your brother in Christ to thrive in their purpose on the path to the kingdom. Your lifestyle is to reflect the eternal realm in which we will soon partake in – in which Yeshua the Messiah will rule as KING!

Jesus Christ

Our culture is to mirror the Kingdom of the Most High we are to walk as a holy people not of this world.

We must understand who we are and what our culture was.

I am Hebrew

Identity allows us to have a psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and beliefs that are consistent with who we are. 


Being Colored, Black, Negro or African American are not nationalities but rather these are descriptions that was given to us with ideologies that are not indigenous to our beliefs. We are now shedding ourselves of alien philosophy and beliefs coming into the understanding of our “fact of being” or true IDENTITY!

As a people with a regal culture and a prestigious place in eternal rulership there is significant push back from this world’s power structure. Attack from from the dark kingdom of ignorance in which satan rules is expected. 

As more knowledge is revealed the more clearly we can walk in truth eliminating the enemy’s control in our lives.


Our culture is to prepare for the coming of CHRIST!

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